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The Rutgers Optimality Archive is a distribution point for research in Optimality Theory and its conceptual affiliates.

Posting in ROA is open to all who wish to disseminate their work in OT and related theories of grammar.

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ROA # Authors Title Date
ROA 1313 Erich Round Phonological exceptionality is localized to phonological elements: the argument from learnability and Yidiny word-final deletion Jun/2017
ROA 1312 Birgit Alber, Alan Prince The Book of nGX May/2017
ROA 1311 Robert Vago *VV in Hungarian May/2017
ROA 1310 Eric Bakovic Apparent 'sufficiently similar' degemination in Catalan is due to coalescence Apr/2017
ROA 1309 Alan Prince Representing OT Grammars Apr/2017
ROA 1308 Will Bennett Pulmonic venting and the typology of click nasality Mar/2017
ROA 1307 Will Bennett, Natalie DelBusso Typological consequences of ABCD constraint forms Mar/2017
ROA 1306 Alan Prince OT Checklist Feb/2017
ROA 1305 Noam Faust, Francesc Torres-Tamarit Stress and final /n/ deletion in Catalan: combining Strict CV and OT Feb/2017
ROA 1304 Mirena Patseva Bulgarian word stress Feb/2017